My Fasting Experience

My Fasting Experience

Hi, friends!

I’m not so thrilled to be writing this post today because I have something to admit…


I know I know! I’m shamed as well. I lasted 24 hours, though! I couldn’t make it through the whole time because at the end of the day I really, really, felt like complete sh*t but I’m still proud of myself for even attempting it. My body went from feeling awesome, to feeling deliriously awesome, to feeling like I was hungover but at the same time not?


BUT! I did learn very valuable lessons like…

Don’t fast when you have a full day of work ahead because you WILL TURN INTO HUMAN MUSH. You know that scene in a Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Gilderoy Lockhart turns Harry’s arms into basically rubber? I’ve never related to a scene so much in my life. I was a weakling and my usual strength just wasn’t there! My body felt useless, and filling the ice machine at work felt like I was moving a boulder up a mountain. Yeah, it sounds dramatic but that’s really what it felt like in the moment. All strength went through the window.

Most juices have way too much sugar, and you’ll probably burn that off first which will send you on a weird sugar high journey. Burning those sugars will cause you to go into hyper-person mode and then crash –eeeeeek! Eye twitches and blank stares will happen as a result, and you’ll probably wonder who gave you the authority to drive a moving vehicle on your way home to work. Seriously, I felt reeeeaallllyyy weird throughout the day and had to listen to orders over and over at work because they just didn’t click. That was all just the sugar crash talking to me, and she played some mean games.

Don’t fast on a whim. Yeah, I know most of you are probably like “No sh*t, Victoria! I’d never do that” and for those of you who aren’t like that- thank you. Because I didn’t know what I was doing! And that’s not my fault, right? Eh, wrong, and you should probably plan your fast out unlike what I did. If you plan it you might actually have success. Yay for me setting an example of what not to do!

There’s a juice bar I really love next to work called I Love Juice and I’ll probably be revisiting at least once a week to get a yummy lil snack. I hated most of the store-bought juices I had, but none from a real juice place. This part isn’t an ad. I just learned that I love me some good juice squeezed before my eyes and I highly support all of you trying one out wherever your local juice joint is!

And that’s all I have for you! I really didn’t feel any benefits of my fast at all, besides Tyler cracking at the same time as me and feeling sweet sweet victory of his mutual failure. That felt REALLY good!

Hopefully this wasn’t a total waste of time for you because I do think you should take my advice before starting your fast. It wasn’t the WORST experience ever, but it wasn’t like anything I read online. It was much harder, and affected my body in more severe ways than the average person. I had nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, etc., etc. and as I’m typing this I realize I probably did have some malnourishment. (I called that in my last post! Is that considered a win?)

But if you want to try it – go for it! Just be sure to check out my previous post before you do anything. It might help you out!

Tune in next week when I post my first Lazygirl at-home workout routine. If there’s anything special you want to read about, please let me know! I haven’t made it yet so I’m totally up for some suggestions.

Anywho! Happy Wednesday, and I’ll chat with y’all later.

Chest bumps and high fives,



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