Nomilicious Mexican Casserole – A Slow Cooker Recipe

Nomilicious Mexican Casserole – A Slow Cooker Recipe

Hi, lazy kids!

Today I want to share my new favorite slow cooker meal that I got from a blog called Well Plated. It’s a Mexican casserole made with wholesome ingredients like bell peppers, beans, quinoa, tomatoes, lean turkey, etc. and it will basically send your tastebuds on a warm journey to food heaven. It’s pretty damn good, and tis’ the season for bundling up and eating warm, delicious casserole. Right?


Anyways, slow cooker meals are perfect for lazy people like ourselves because all you have to do is:

  1. Chop up some ingredients (look out for your fingers)
  2. Dump everything into your slow cooker
  3. Add some spices and extra flavor goodies
  4. Wait for a few hours.

That’s literally it! Now you have a mouthwatering meal that can feed a family of five with room for seconds, or just yourself if you really love soup! So, get ready to trick everyone you know into thinking you worked really hard to make this casserole when we all know you just used a slow cooker.


This is the one I made.


This is from Well Plated, obviously much better looking than mine.

(UPDATE): I had to take down the original recipe because I’m no good at reading policies and legalities…but if you’re still interested in checking out the recipe click here to access the Well Plated page. I promise it’s worth peeking at!

If you’re looking for a slow cooker as well, I’ve listed a few options below. You can find most of these at Target and/or on Amazon!

Happy slow cooking!

Chest bumps and high fives,


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