I’m 24!

I’m 24!

Well hello there, peeps!

It’s been awhile since I last posted something on my page. I don’t want to bore you with the details (excuses) as to why I’ve been gone for so long, so let’s just jump into today’s post, shall we?

I turned 24! I feel wonderful and not close to a quarter-life crisis in the slightest (lies). To celebrate another year, I thought, “What better way to celebrate being 24 than to come up with a list of 24 things for me to do now that I’m 24?” I mean, do you even turn 24 if you don’t make a list about it? No. You stay 23 forever. Everyone knows that.

Anyways, enough with my jokes. Here’s my list of what I’m going to be doing for the next year of my life!

  1. Go back to school.
  2. Get into nursing school. Pray for me. This is what #1 is all for.
  3. Take a picture every single day for a year. I really hope I remember to do this.
  4. Start writing in a diary. My therapist told me this one is a good idea, so let’s see if she really knows what she’s talking about. Psh, therapists.
  5. Consistently track my strength training progress.
  6. Continue practicing yoga at least once a week. Yoga has done my heart and soul SO much good.
  7. Get a bookshelf and organize the craziness that is all of the books, legos, and random papers I have. I have a LOT of legos.
  8. Track my finances. This one is gross, but I know I need to do it.
  9. Shop less. This one is even grosser and harder, but I have so much stuff I don’t need and it’s honestly wasteful as f*ck.
  10. Use less plastic. Have any of y’all seen the video of the turtle with a straw stuck up it’s nose? Point. Made.
  11. Stop being so hard on myself for the way I look. This one hits deep because it’s the truest one and affects me daily.
  12. Reduce, reuse, recycle. This one goes hand-in-hand with using less plastic and shopping less.
  13. Join a gym. I need to get out more and stop working out at home or at my apartment gym. It’s the 24 year old thing to do.
  14. Make a beef wellington like Gordon freaking Ramsay.
  15. Learn what Turducken is?
  16. Keep Up With The Kardashians. I’m just never keeping up with them enough and I have to stay in touch.
  17. Buy a Gucci Tee and wear it with ripped jeans so I look like a cool Cali girl but I’m really not.
  18. Post consistantly on my blog and instagram. You all can come after me for this one because I know I suck at it majorly.
  19. Figure out my ring size. I’m still not sure what it is…but I feel like I should know.
  20. Put money into a retirement fund. I actually have one started, but it’s very sad clown.
  21. Do the splits. I really want to do this one because I’ve never really be able to do a full crotch-to-floor split. I’m always off by a few inches and I need to keep going.
  22. Throw a dinner party. This one is very lofty because I have a major fear of throwing parties and no one showing up, but if Michael Scott can do it and keep his friends, so can I.
  23. Start a Twitch Channel.
  24. Face the fact that I’m getting older and be less of a little baby about it and run this bitch.

If you made it through the entire list, bravo! You are truly my Lazy Friend. If you didn’t, then that’s okay too but just know that we probably aren’t friends 🙂

Okay, that’s all!


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