Make Your Own Home Gym (Under $100!)

Make Your Own Home Gym (Under $100!)

Today I have a post for all of you lazy guys and gals out there that are interested in creating your own home gym and need a good place to start. As your Lazy Godmother, I’ve put together a list of five basic items that you can buy from Amazon to make it all yourself, and the best part is you don’t even need to leave the house (well, you might need to walk to the mailbox but that’s half the battle). So clear out a little corner in your living room because we are going shopping!

Yoga Mat


You’ll have a comfy space to do crunches in front of your TV in no time. Just be sure to pick the color you want! Get yours here for $11.99-$16.99.

Resistance Bands 


Don’t resist getting these for yourself. See what I did there? They await you right here for $13.99.

Exercise Ball


It’s an exercise ball and a giant bouncy ball. What more do you need? Oooo, they come in pretty colors, too! Get it here for $19.95.



You’ll be swole and getting gains in no time with these puppies, bruh. #yeet? Get a pair of 8 pounders here for $24.99.

Foam Roller 


After using all of this equipment, your muscles will need a nice massage. Don’t starve them of their needs and get one already! $13.12.

And voila! There’s your starter home gym! Only five pieces for under $100 and you’ll still have some money leftover to buy that avocado slicer you’ve always wanted. Wasn’t that short and sweet?

All of these items are easy to use, effective, and will help you get your workout in comfortably and at a low cost. If any of you buy these items, be sure to leave a comment below and tell me about how you like them or leave questions so I can help you out. Now GET 👏TO 👏WORK 👏!


Peace sign and duck face,